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20140319 - Rの法則「女子高校生の食べたい!餃子」
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Kento, Fuma, and Shori discuss Johnny's West members

Fuma: Well, in Johnny's West there's Shigeoka-kun, who Nakajima's super close to.
Kento: That's right~ Shige got a new drama and other things, and he's really accelerating now!
Fuma: Then there's Kiriyama-kun, who's really funny. He's like a big brother. And if we're talking about big brothers, there's also Nakama Junta-kun too.
Kento: Junta-kun is really like the prince of Kansai.
Fuma: And then Hama-chan! He's really funny!
Shori: He's really good at making people laugh.
Kento: I can only see Kishitani Goro-san when I look at him.
Fuma: Ryusei is really good-looking.
Shori: He really is.
Fuma: Kami-chan's singing voice is really good.
Kento: I get goosebumps listening to Kami-chan sing.
Fuma: Kami-chan's really good at dancing too.
Shori: Kotaki's just flashy.
Fuma: Who's Kotaki?
Shori: Kotaki's one of the members.
Fuma: Ah, he's one of the members~
Kento: (to Shori) What do you call Kotaki?
Shori: Nozomu.
Kento: Just Nozomu??
Fuma: Kotaki...
Shori: He's just a flashy guy. Being flashy is his redeeming feature.
Kento: When I first met Shige and Kotaki, Kotaki was really innocent, but now he's so adult-like!
Shori: That's true. We get along really well.
Fuma: Since we all get along well, when we heard about the debut, we felt that joy too. From now on, we'll be working hard together as fellow Johnny's.
Kento: Since I really love Kansai, I'm ecstatic about the debut. Johnny's West, congratulations.
Fuma/Shori: Congratulations!